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Virtual Reality for seniors

Improving the Quality of Life...

"I have never seen so many seniors as joyful as they have been since experiencing this VR tour.  It's incredible!  Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! We love building our seniors a new future."

- Rona Barrett

Santa Ynez, California

"In one case, a resident living with Alzheimer’s exhibited personality traits she had prior to the diagnosis, including dancing, smiling and singing. Another resident felt relief from symptoms of Parkinson’s. The overall response has impressed everyone involved.”

- Brian Barnes, COO/CFO

The Legacy at Willow Bend

Plano, Texas

"If it doesn't decrease their anxiety or depression, at the very least it gives them an enjoyable experience for half an hour and increases their quality of life." 

- Kim Edwards  Executive Director 

The Encore at Avalon Park

Orlando, Florida

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