MyndVR in Senior Living Communities

MyndVR is opening the world back up to seniors while providing communities with innovative ways to interact with their residents - from group activity sessions where residents can bust through the limitations that age has placed on them to individual engagements for calming anxiety.




Sights, sounds and immersion can unlock memories that old photos just don't do justice. 

Calming VR can take residents' minds off tasks such as changing dressings and catheterization.

Promote socialization and verbal interaction by participating in tours, activities, and events together.

MyndVR's library of videos is curated specifically for seniors and is unmatched in it diversity and volume. 

Activity Directors can lead group sessions, or a caregiver can focus on an individual who might be anxious. Intuitive and designed for senior caregivers, MyndVR is easy and quick to learn!

Communities can take advantage of MyndVR's quick start program. With 8 weeks of mapped out VR activities, someone totally new to VR can implement like a pro!

"If it doesn't decrease their anxiety or depression, at the very least it gives them an enjoyable experience for half an hour and increases their quality of life." 

- Kim Edwards, Executive Director 

The Encore at Avalon Park

Orlando, Florida

Get YOUR community engaged with MyndVR!

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MyndVR is the leading provider of Virtual Reality services to the booming population of older adults. Join us as we lift spirits, improve quality of life, relive cherished memories, and create new ones!

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