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Make Therapy Fun for Patients and Easy for Caregivers

The Therapy Room of the Future

MyndVRx is the most advanced digital therapeutics solution offering older adults the opportunity to enhance physical activities, master ADL exercises, and re-train the brain in a controlled virtual reality environment that allows the patient to be transported into a scenario without having to relocate.

Cognitive and Physical Stimulation for Older Adults

  • Develop life skills

  • Gain static and dynamic balance

  • Work on coordination

  • Practice range of motion

  • Gain kinesthetic awareness

  • Improve physical condition

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Simulate Activities of Daily Living

  • Navigating the home 

  • Making coffee 

  • Locating and purchasing items at the grocery store 

  • Organizing misplaced household items 

  • Identifying sounds

The Most Engaging Physical Therapy Experience

  • Combines the use of adapted pedals with the stimulus and motivation provided by immersive virtual reality environments 

  • Eliminates distractions

  • Improves physical condition

  • Encourages consistent exercise

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