MyndVR for Veterans in Hospice Care

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As an Allied Partner with We Honor Veterans, MyndVR is honored to work alongside more than 3,800 communities with shared goals of finding unique ways to honor Veterans and bring peace and comfort to those on hospice care.

MyndVR is committed to supporting older adults, veterans, and those that care for them.

Why MyndVR?


Myndvr provides caregivers with an additional way to honor veterans. During honor ceremonies, MyndVR can offer veterans and their families a trip to Washington DC to see the war memorials that were built to honor their service. 

MyndVR is proud to be partnered with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO). As the leading organization representing hospice and palliative care providers, NHPCO works to expand access to a proven person-centered model for healthcare—one that provides patients and their loved ones with comfort, peace, and dignity during life’s most intimate and vulnerable experiences.


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Content Library

MyndVR Virtual Reality content library entertains and promomtes the mental and physical health of older adults
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Contact us for information about the We Honor Veterans Discount Plan:

"I have never seen so many seniors as joyful as they have been since experiencing this VR tour. It's incredible! Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! We love building our seniors a new future."

- Rona Barrett, Former TV Personality

Santa Ynez, California

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A Special Note on Sanitizing Headsets

Our headsets are designed to be easy to clean and sanitize. MyndVR provides both print instructions and a video tutorial to show how to properly sanitize your headset, where it’s most important to clean, and best materials to use. MyndVR also includes a set of alcohol wipes to get you started.

For more info, call or text (770) 560-1304