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  • Virtual Reality Brings Joy to People in Assisted-Living Facilities

    Studies show improved emotional health among residents who watch VR images

  • Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University Collaborates with MyndVR to Study Impact of Virtual Reality on Older Adults, with Support from AT&T 5G Technology

    The Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) at Stanford University, the pioneering lab focused on the psychological and behavioral effects of virtual reality, announced today a new study in collaboration with MyndVR...

  • MyndVR helps seniors overcome feelings of social isolation during COVID-19 [VIDEO]

    This sustained period of social isolation has severely impacted seniors. MyndVR provides a means of reconnection with the world through virtual experiences. Watch FOX NEWS's coverage. 

  • These seniors are turning to cutting edge technology to stay connected during the pandemic

    Virtual reality is making its way into assisted living communities across the county to allow residents to explore the world without leaving their rooms.

  • New technology keeping families connected

    Families are providing an escape for those isolated from loved ones during the pandemic, especially seniors, by coming up with creative ways, including virtual reality, to keep everyone connected.

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    Virtual reality, robots, interactive apps, other new tech help people with dementia and their caretakers

    Doris Moss has always loved dancing. Now in her 80s and suffering from a form of dementia, it has become more important than ever, as hearing a good beat will spur her to get up...

  • Seniors escape isolation of pandemic with the help of virtual reality

    The Commonwealth Senior Living Facility in Abingdon is giving residents a chance to experience the sights and sounds of the world despite the limits of living in a nursing home.

  • Back to the future: Springdale seniors included in new study focused on virtual reality and aging populations

    A global study currently underway through Stanford University hopes to provide qualitative insight between virtual reality and the aging population. The study promises to be the largest study of its kind in history. The study is made possible through partnerships with MyndVR and AT&T.

  • Tech to help care for aging family members, at home and from afar

    From virtual reality simulations to furry robot pets, families are finding new ways to connect with and care for their aging loved ones.

  • MyndVR is helping to reduce loneliness with virtual reality

    MyndVR expands operations to Australia and New Zealand to reduce loneliness among the elderly with virtual reality.

  • Company Introducing Grandparents To Magic Of Virtual Reality

    CBS Pittsburgh's Meghan Schiller has more on the company that is introducing grandparents to virtual reality.

  • Commonwealth Senior Living Brings MyndVR's Virtual Reality Program to its 33 Communities

    Commonwealth Senior Living announces partnership with MyndVR to bring its virtual reality program to all of its senior living communities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee. View CBS 19 News' coverage

  • New technology aims to improve quality of life for socially isolated older adults during COVID-19 pandemic

    Dallas-based MyndVR has launched Myndvr at Home to provide older adults access to immersive experiences, including travel, music, art, nature and reminiscence therapies. 

  • MyndVR Partners With HTC VIVE to Bring “7 Miracles” to the World of Older Adults

    MyndVR will distribute the most powerful, biblical adaption in VR ever created to seniors – living at home and in senior communities.

  • Lonely seniors find connection with rented grandkids and VR vacations

    Tech can stave off loneliness by connecting seniors with family, companions and new experiences, both virtually and in real life.

  • Virtual reality technology brings joy and peace to veterans

    Long before the pandemic began impacting visiting resident veterans in VA homes, a sense of isolation and being forgotten was ever-present. One virtual reality company is working hard to change that.

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    Retirement Community Residents in Palo Alto Travel the World Using Virtual Reality

    MyndVR, a national leader in providing virtual reality solutions for senior living communities, and Vi Palo Alto, Palo Alto’s premier continuing care retirement community, have announced a partnership. ...

  • Virtual reality program helps Fort Collins seniors battle social isolation amid COVID-19

    "We thought this (virtual reality headset program) would be a good way for our residents to get out and to travel and explore without jeopardizing their safety," Vargas said. "And they love it." 

  • MyndVR Launches an At-Home VR Solution for Seniors Stuck in Isolation

    Research has shown that virtual reminiscence therapy has cognitive health and wellness benefits. As senior citizens continue to social distance, Dallas-based MyndVR wants to help.

  • How virtual reality vacations help seniors cope with isolation, loneliness

    VR technologies can help seniors cope with loneliness and isolation by virtually bringing them on international tours.

  • MyndVR Launches MyndVR at Home, a VR Solution for Tens of Millions of Seniors

    MyndVR, the national leader in providing VR solutions for senior living communities, announced the launch of MyndVR at Home, the at-home version of its widely successful MyndVR program.

  • Care Indeed Partners with MyndVR to Launch Second Iteration CI-VR Virtual Reality Training Program

    Their new product provides portable training simulations designed to help equip caregivers to handle the challenges of caring for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

  • Senior Communities Adopt Virtual Reality to Fight Dementia, Social Isolation

    Researchers are looking into the benefits of VR as a tool to fight isolation linked to physical and mental conditions associated with a higher risk of mortality. 

  • New partnership aims to give away MyndVR to combat social isolation in senior care communities in need

    MyndVR is partnering with Pico Interactive and LittlStar to donate VR headsets to senior care communities in all 50 states to combat social isolation due to the COVID-19 crisis.

  • McKnight's Long-Term Care News Logo

    Harnessing the power of virtual reality to reduce social isolation amid a global pandemic

    For many seniors living in skilled nursing facilities and care communities, being isolated can be truly frightening.  But virtual reality (VR) is changing that.

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    Senior community explores the world with a new virtual reality device

    Imagine a free visit to Seville or Paris at a moment’s notice ... That’s the world Schuldt and other retired senior citizens may live in, thanks to a company called, ‘MyndVR’.

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    ‘Apart from the Ordinary’ St. Barnabas caring, growing for more than a century

    St. Barnabas is working with Dr. Maroon and MyndVR, a virtual reality company that developed technology to help lessen anxiety in patients living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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    John Knox Village brings virtual reality therapy to seniors

    John Knox Village announced a partnership with MyndVR, to offer virtual reality therapy to seniors in South Florida.

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    Selected Silverado Communities to Implement MyndVR Virtual Reality Platform

    MyndVR, the national leader in providing virtual reality (VR) solutions for senior living communities, announced today that it has signed a partnership with Silverado, a memory care operator with communities...

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    Virtual reality transporting patients in Lewiston hundreds of miles away

    For those battling serious diseases, spending hours on end getting treatment can be overwhelming, exhausting and extremely boring. Kim Thistlewaite, the nurse manager of St. Mary's infusion center...

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    How virtual reality is helping seniors breathe new life into old memories 

    Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers. The same technology that lets users battle monsters in mythical worlds has proven useful for everything from overcoming phobias and practicing surgical procedures to getting a look inside the International Space Station.

  • News Channel 5

    Virtual reality is taking Tennessee veterans on adventures

    Residents at the Tennessee State Veterans' Home in Murfreesboro are traveling the world without leaving the building.Using MyndVR headsets, veterans can skydive, drive a race car, play with puppies or stand on stage at a Broadway show.

  • Dallas News Logo

    Why a Dallas VR company thinks its tech can help aging adults unlock memories

    Chris Brickler, co-founder of Dallas-based virtual reality company MyndVR, is hoping that VR headsets will help adults like May retrieve or replicate memorable moments in their lives. The company specializes in the use of virtual reality for aging...

  • Benedictine Health System Foundation BHS Logo

    Benedictine Health System Partners With MyndVR to Bring Virtual Reality Therapy to Assisted Living

    Benedictine Health System, a nationally recognized, Catholic, non-profit senior living system announced today a partnership with MyndVR, the nation’s leading provider of virtual reality solutions for senior care communities

  • Senior Housing News Logo

    Inside the Rise of Senior Living Virtual Reality  

    After whispers, trials, pilots and promise, virtual reality now seems on the precipice of a boom in senior housing.

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    MyndVR launches MyndVR 2.0 with HTC Vive Focus as Flagship Partner 

    MyndVR, the nation’s leading provider of virtual reality solutions for senior care communities, announced today the launch of MyndVR 2.0. In partnership with HTC’s VIVE X accelerator, MyndVR is deploying...

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    Virtual Reality Brings Once in a Lifetime Experience to Maine Dementia Patients 

    Recreational therapist Carrie Wilson started to do her research, and found virtual reality helps dementia patients significantly. “Being able to use virtual reality as a therapy tool to be the first go to rather than a medication...

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    D Magazine Names MyndVR Top 5 Startups to Watch in 2019 

    Whether it’s a problem that demands solving or an inconvenience that needs a fix, most startups begin with a belief that something can be done better, faster, or cheaper. North Texas is a hotbed for entrepreneurs...

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    MyndVR Forms National Research Coalition to Study Virtual Reality and the Aging Mind 

    MyndVR, a tech, health and wellness company specializing in virtual reality solutions for people 55-plus, is pleased to announce the formation of the MyndVR Science Advisory Board and a national research coalition involving universities across the...

  • Forbes .com Logo

    4 Ingenious Technologies To Help Aging Adults Stay Connected And Engaged 

    MyndVR aims to put smiles on seniors’ faces through Virtual Reality experiences that enable them to relive meaningful memories and/or visit places outside of their normal environments (think outer space, the Great Wall of China, or the Fjords...). 

  • News 12 Long Island Logo

    Engaging Veterans through Virtual Reality Experiences at Long Island State Veterans Home 

    "The LI State Veterans Home is always looking for unique and innovative ways to enhance the quality of life of our veterans", said Fred Sganga, Executive Director.   "Through this unique virtual reality solution, our residents will be able to live, or re...

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    MyndVR Taps Littlstar to Launch Exclusive Virtual Reality Content Service for 55-Plus Adult comm...

    DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--  MyndVR, the national leader in providing virtual reality (VR) solutions for senior living communities, and Littlstar, a global content network dedicated to virtual reality, 360-degree video and...

  • NBC Channel 5 News DFW Logo

    Great story on the mix of art and Virtual Reality 

    NBC DFW covers the JD Miller's art performance on the MyndVR network.   

  • The Palm Beach Post News

    Palm Beach Gardens seniors get fix of virtual reality adventures 

    PALM BEACH GARDENS — Leopold “Bud” Weidlein, 99, wondered how far down he was diving Wednesday morning as he encountered tropical, red fish. Sitting — yes, sitting — next to him, Marvin Greenberg took in the sight of of Michelangelo’s David...

  • NBC DFW Channel 5 News Logo

    A group of Palm Beach County seniors are taking the trip of a lifetime without even leaving their...

    PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - "So we kind of came together and said what if we created a really innovative solution for seniors and virtual reality," Brickler said.

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    Local Company Films Simon and Garfunkel Virtual Reality Experience 

    “The thing that’s phenomenally interesting to me is the teleportation capabilities of this technology to bring people back to a time period that they feel comfortable with,” Chris Brickler says. “We want to transport..."

  • ABC Channel 25 News Logo

    Seniors experience virtual reality for the first time 

    MyndVR partners with La Posada in Palm Beach Gardens to implement VR.

  • TED Talks invites MyndVR - CEO Chris Brickler

    TED Talks invites MyndVR   

    CEO Chris Brickler delivers a glimpse into the future of Virtual Reality and the aging mind at TED

  • Rona Barrett Foundation

    MyndVR parnters with Rona Barrett Foundation in California   

    "I have never seen so many seniors as joyful as they have been since experiencing this VR tour.  It's incredible!  Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! We love building our seniors a new future.

  • ABC News Logo

    MyndVR on ABC News with The Legacy at Willow Bend   

    PLANO -- The residents at The Legacy at Willow Bend have been busy the last month. The men and women of the retirement community have gone deep sea diving, out to jazz clubs and even inside some of the most famous paintings in the world, all courtesy...

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    Virtual Reality Showing Anecdotal Benefits for Senior Living   


  • The Dallas Morning News Logo

    Virtual Music - Simon and Garfunkel Tribute in Dallas   


  • CBS 13 WIBW TV Logo

    Kansas facility tests virtual reality to help people with dementia   

    "Virtualy reality really isn't just for 23-year-old gamers anymore," Brickler says.

  • Orlando Sentinel Logo

    Assisted living tries virtual reality to help seniors with dementia    

    Encore at Avalon Park in Orlando, FLA is the third senior residence in the country to test the virtual-reality system created by MyndVR, a Dallas start-up whose partners are Samsung and the University of Texas at Dallas.

  • Dallas Inovates Logo

    MyndVR Uses Tech to Enrich Plano Seniors’ Lives    

    The Legacy Willow Bend and the Dallas-based VR company conducted a field trial on the health benefits to seniors of the technology.

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    VR for Good: MyndVR Wants To Make The Ultimate Platform To Help The Elderly    

    “I think one of the things that was interesting to me about VR was not trying to satisfy the twenty three year old gamer,” Brickler tells me over the phone. “We would actually try to create a healing health care solution with this technology that would...

  • The Long Game Logo

    The Long Game     

    Savvy Senior Living Providers understand that creating an environment that engages the mind and imagination is a key to happy and contented residents. However, a hard reality for most senior providers is that some residents still face...

  • University of Texas at Dallas Logo

    University of Texas at Dallas Team Work with Startup MyndVR to Create Content and Systems Geared... 

    “There are three ideas behind what these VR experiences allow these users,” Dr. Ryan McMahan said. “Either they’ll see something they’ve experienced before, which could bring about memories; experience a place they’ve never seen before, which engages the brain...

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    Assisted living tries virtual reality to help seniors with dementia    

    Diving into my first virtual reality experience I felt like Alice down the rabbit hole. In the blink of an eye I found myself in the cockpit of a Blue Angel, soaring through the sky. My head was in the clouds while my feet were ...

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