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MyndVR has been the topic of many news stories across the nation.

The company's groundbreaking tech, clinical research, and ability to provide tangible health benefits to seniors across the United States has brought national media attention.


Featured in the most respected of news organizations, MyndVR has received coverage from the likes of Forbes, ABC News, and AP News.


CEO, Chris Brickler, even took the stage at a TED talks conference to discuss virtual reality and its impacts on the future.


Below, you will find 20+ press releases focusing on MyndVR and their mission to improve the quality of life for our dynamic and aging senior population.


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How virtual reality is helping seniors breathe new life into old memories

Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers. The same technology that lets users battle monsters in mythical worlds has proven useful for everything from overcoming phobias and practicing surgical procedures to getting a look inside the International Space Station.

Now, VR headsets are showing up in senior living and memory care facilities in the United States and abroad, giving elderly people a chance to experience the sights and sounds of distant places, enjoy moments from their past and explore experiences that for reasons of age or poor health are physically inaccessible in real life.

Virtual reality is taking Tennessee veterans on adventures

Residents at the Tennessee State Veterans' Home in Murfreesboro are traveling the world without leaving the building.Using MyndVR headsets, veterans can skydive, drive a race car, play with puppies or stand on stage at a Broadway show.


"It has a big impact on the residents and the quality of life they have," said Ed Harries, the executive director.There are hundreds of videos that come with MyndVR. They are all designed with seniors in mind.

Why a Dallas VR company thinks its tech can help aging adults unlock memories

Chris Brickler, co-founder of Dallas-based virtual reality company MyndVR, is hoping that VR headsets will help adults like May retrieve or replicate memorable moments in their lives. The company specializes in the use of virtual reality for aging adults in assisted living communities. 


Patrick May remembered that he used to scuba dive and asked an assistant to place him in a scuba simulation. He used to enjoy diving off the Texas coast. 


The simulation took him once again, diving off a small boat into blue water. “Wow, what’s all that stuff?” May said, pivoting his head in every direction and pushing his wheelchair around the room to different areas of the virtual environment lined with fish, coral and the occasional turtle.

Benedictine Health System Partners With MyndVR to Bring Virtual Reality Therapy to Assisted Living

Benedictine Health System, a nationally recognized, Catholic, non-profit senior living system announced today a partnership with MyndVR, the nation’s leading provider of virtual reality solutions for senior care communities.


“Benedictine is pleased to partner with MyndVR and bring cutting-edge virtual reality technology to our communities,” said Jerry Carley, Benedictine president and CEO. “By embracing virtual reality, Benedictine can provide staff with innovative training to support compassionate, empathetic interactions with their residents as well as a resource for bringing holistic interventions to residents.”

Inside the Rise of Senior Living Virtual Reality

After whispers, trials, pilots and promise, virtual reality now seems on the precipice of a boom in senior housing.


A bevy of VR companies have arrived to give operators new solutions to age-old challenges, including resident isolation, dementia support and pain management.


Partnerships with major VR content creators, along with VR vendor studios, are leading to a cornucopia of content that can be customized for resident needs. And the work being done is just the beginning.

MyndVR launches MyndVR 2.0 with HTC Vive Focus as Flagship Partner

MyndVR, the nation’s leading provider of virtual reality solutions for senior care communities, announced today the launch of MyndVR 2.0. In partnership with HTC’s VIVE X accelerator, MyndVR is deploying Vive’s standalone Focus headsets to provide easy-to-use, all-in-one immersive experiences for seniors and care partners.

Virtual Reality Brings Once in a Lifetime Experience to Maine Dementia Patients

Recreational therapist Carrie Wilson started to do her research, and found virtual reality helps dementia patients significantly. “Being able to use virtual reality as a therapy tool to be the first go to rather than a medication when residents are showing signs of agitation, depression and anxiety,” says Carrie Wilson.

D Magazine Names MyndVR Top 5 Startups to Watch in 2019

Whether it’s a problem that demands solving or an inconvenience that needs a fix, most startups begin with a belief that something can be done better, faster, or cheaper. North Texas is a hotbed for entrepreneurs who leverage innovation to do just that. Here are five startups we believe are worth watching in 2019, as they grow, secure funding, take on fresh challenges, and enter new markets.


MyndVR Forms National Research Coalition to Study Virtual Reality and the Aging Mind

MyndVR, a tech, health and wellness company specializing in virtual reality solutions for people 55-plus, is pleased to announce the formation of the MyndVR Science Advisory Board and a national research coalition involving universities across the nation. MyndVR has deployed its technology in more than 18 states serving tens of thousands of seniors.

MyndVR aims to put smiles on seniors’ faces through Virtual Reality experiences that enable them to relive meaningful memories and/or visit places outside of their normal environments (think outer space, the Great Wall of China, or the Fjords of Norway). The concept has been wildly popular with seniors in trial populations who enjoyed the ability to step outside of their physical limitations and have a bit of fun. Within the first six months of launching in 2018, MyndVR has expanded to over 15 states and has started collaborating with leading universities to research the potential cognitive health benefits of using VR with aging populations.

Engaging Veterans through Virtual Reality Experiences at Long Island State Veterans Home.

"The LI State Veterans Home is always looking for unique and innovative ways to enhance the quality of life of our veterans", said Fred Sganga, Executive Director.   "Through this unique virtual reality solution, our residents will be able to live, or re-live experiences, that will enhance their quality of life in ways otherwise not possible.  The MyndVR system will provide an immersive experience for our veterans, transporting them to places beyond the walls of a nursing home. We are thrilled to offer this state-of-the-art technology to all those we are honored to serve."

MyndVR Taps Littlstar to Launch Exclusive Virtual Reality Content Service for 55-Plus Adult Communities Nationwide

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--  MyndVR, the national leader in providing virtual reality (VR) solutions for senior living communities, and Littlstar, a global content network dedicated to virtual reality, 360-degree video and immersive experiences, are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership to deliver VR content to older adults

Great story on the mix of art and Virtual Reality

NBC DFW covers the JD Miller's art performance on the MyndVR network.   

Palm Beach Gardens seniors get fix of virtual reality adventures

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Leopold “Bud” Weidlein, 99, wondered how far down he was diving Wednesday morning as he encountered tropical, red fish. Sitting — yes, sitting — next to him, Marvin Greenberg took in the sight of of Michelangelo’s David statue in Florence.

A group of Palm Beach County seniors are taking the trip of a lifetime without even leaving their home.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - "So we kind of came together and said what if we created a really innovative solution for seniors and virtual reality," Brickler said.

Local Company Films Simon and Garfunkel Virtual Reality Experience

“The thing that’s phenomenally interesting to me is the teleportation capabilities of this technology to bring people back to a time period that they feel comfortable with,” Chris Brickler says. “We want to transport the senior who is in Iowa or Florida or California or wherever back to a 1967-ish time, when the styles were really transforming.

Seniors experience virtual reality for the first time

MyndVR partners with La Posada in Palm Beach Gardens to implement VR.  

TED Talks invites MyndVR

CEO Chris Brickler delivers a glimpse into the future of Virtual Reality and the aging mind at TED

MyndVR parnters with Rona Barrett Foundation in California

"I have never seen so many seniors as joyful as they have been since experiencing this VR tour.  It's incredible!  Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! We love building our seniors a new future."

MyndVR on ABC News with The Legacy at Willow Bend

PLANO -- The residents at The Legacy at Willow Bend have been busy the last month. The men and women of the retirement community have gone deep sea diving, out to jazz clubs and even inside some of the most famous paintings in the world, all courtesy of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Showing Anecdotal Benefits for Senior Living

Virtual Music - Simon and Garfunkel Tribute in Dallas

Kansas facility tests virtual reality to help people with dementia

"Virtualy reality really isn't just for 23-year-old gamers anymore," Brickler says.

Assisted living tries virtual reality to help seniors with dementia

Encore at Avalon Park in Orlando, FLA is the third senior residence in the country to test the virtual-reality system created by MyndVR, a Dallas start-up whose partners are Samsung and the University of Texas at Dallas.

MyndVR Uses Tech to Enrich Plano Seniors’ Lives

The Legacy Willow Bend and the Dallas-based VR company conducted a field trial on the health benefits to seniors of the technology.

VR for Good: MyndVR Wants To Make The Ultimate Platform To Help The Elderly

“I think one of the things that was interesting to me about VR was not trying to satisfy the twenty three year old gamer,” Brickler tells me over the phone. “We would actually try to create a healing health care solution with this technology that would actually serve the good of all of humankind.”

The Long Game

SAVVY SENIOR LIVING PROVIDERS understand that creating an environment that engages the mind and imagination is a key to happy and contented residents. However, a hard reality for most senior providers is that some residents still face feelings of isolation, which can result in anxiety and depression. 

University of Texas at Dallas Team Work with Startup MyndVR to Create Content and Systems Geared for Senior Citizens

“There are three ideas behind what these VR experiences allow these users,” Dr. Ryan McMahan said. “Either they’ll see something they’ve experienced before, which could bring about memories; experience a place they’ve never seen before, which engages the brain; or experience something that’s completely impossible — the unique domain of virtual reality.”

Mynd Games: How virtual reality could help dementia, Parkinson’s and even vertigo

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