MyndVR Announces Partnership with Silverado Memory Care Community

MyndVR proud to be serving the Senior Community in Los Angeles with Customized Headsets, Tablets, and Access to MyndVR’s Expansive Content Library

MyndVR, the national leader in providing virtual reality (VR) solutions for senior living communities, announced today that it has signed a partnership with Silverado, a memory care operator with communities in six states across the country. Silverado will be implementing MyndVR’s state-of-the art VR platform in communities across Southern California to further their goal of providing clients with world-class care.

MyndVR’s partnership with Silverado marks their entrance into the LA market, and will include Beverly Place Memory Care community, near Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and Beach Cities Memory Care Community in Redondo Beach. Each care community will receive customized headsets, care tablets, and access to MyndVR’s expansive content library powered by Littlstar, a global content network dedicated to virtual reality, 360-degree video and immersive experiences.

“We are excited to partner with Silverado, leaders in the memory care space who are focused on improving the quality of life for their seniors,” said Chris Brickler, co-founder and CEO of MyndVR. “Silverado’s mission is directly in line with our core values – to lift the spirits of our seniors and improve their quality of life through immersive technology that provides joy and takes people out of the four walls of their existence.”

MyndVR previously partnered with Silverado to study how virtual reality helps improve happiness and reduce social isolation in aging residents at Long Term Care facilities.

Each Silverado community combines world-class clinical care – supported by around-the-clock on-site licensed nurses, a designated physician medical director, and a full-time masters prepared social worker in a welcoming and engaging social model environment – with industry-leading programs. In 2015 Silverado developed Nexus, an internationally recognized evidence-based brain health program. This non drug approach has been shown to improve quality of life, cognition and function for many persons in the earlier stages of living with dementia. In fact, academic review has validated that over 750 residents in Nexus at Silverado showed a statistically significant, 60% average improvement in cognition when compared to those without such treatment. Already, Nexus has transformed lives.

“At Silverado, our focus is on significantly improving the quality of life for residents, patients and families through compassion, clinical excellence and innovation,” said Loren Shook, CEO of Silverado. “Memory impairment should not define a person’s future or detract from leading a meaningful life. We are excited at what MyndVR will be able to do for our seniors, giving them the ability to unlock memories and experience those memories that brought joy to their youth as well as participate in an advanced use of technology that is fun! We are thrilled to be partnering with their team.”

About MyndVR

MyndVR is a health and wellness company providing virtual reality solutions to senior living communities, home health care agencies and directly to older adult consumers. The company is intelligently curating a vast library of VR content and creating innovative genres of recreational, prescriptive and on-demand content. MyndVR offers a promising future of cognitive health and wellness for the dynamic aging population. MyndVR uses a compassionate approach and understands the best way to deliver the right content to adults 55-plus. Pilots have demonstrated the positive impacts on older adults.

MyndVR is committed to conducting clinical trials in order to measure the therapeutic effect of VR. These trials will also measure the health care outcomes, including cognitive, visual, emotional and physical effects on older adults. For more, visit