How Virtual Reality Will Reinvigorate Visits With Your Homebound Parent

Sometimes we are embarrassed to say it, but visits to our homebound Parent(s) can become drudgery, a routine of repetitive conversations and activities that fails to engage or stimulate either of you. It’s ok, don’t feel bad: it happens to all of us. When an aging parent becomes homebound, and age, physical, or mental challenges reduce their world to the confines of their home, it’s hard to find new things to do and talk about. Family care givers struggle to have meaningful interactions. I see this every day!

The family caregiver today has so many more choices on how to break this cycle of conversations and activities that fall into a rut and become more boring than breathtaking. One of the exciting and innovative areas that recently has been adapted to seniors is virtual reality. Seniors that once traveled the globe, fished, skied, and attended concerts can now do it virtually.

Instead of asking about mom's arthritis, dad's bum knee, and discussing the weather, you can attend the opening act of The Lion King together, visit Paris in the spring, or lean back and be entertained by the Albuquerque hot air balloon launches! Take a safari together and discuss the pros and cons of getting up close to an elephant! Clutch the arms of your chair while both of you swim with the sharks!

MyndVR has engineered a unique and innovative way to accomplish this while making this technology simple and easier to use than your phone. While traditional VR headsets required using your eyes or using complicated hand controllers to operate, MyndVR has moved all the controls over to an easy to use tablet, that doubles as a monitor, letting you see and experience what your senior is seeing. The senior is totally immersed in a 360-degree environment with the ability to look completely around them, experiencing all the scenery and activity as if they were actually standing there! With over 150 experiences, and more added every month, you will always have a new experience and conversation just waiting for you.

Jim Gleason

Product Development MyndVR