Good Vibes with VIVE - Bringing Smiles to Faces: VR for Older Adults with MyndVR

In the first episode of Good Vibes with VIVE, Pearly Chen talks with MyndVR CEO and co-founder Chris Brickler about the love, care and compassion that drives MyndVR’s mission of bringing smiles to faces. MyndVR is a VIVE portfolio company and the leading provider of VR services to older adults, and is at the forefront of improving the lives of our aging population. Hear how Chris and MyndVR are improving the mood and well-being of patients, what they observed during the pandemic, and the connections that VR can restore for those in the final chapter of their lives.

Episode 01: Show Notes.

In response to the problems older adults face, MyndVR has created an easy to use, safe platform which allows seniors to access an amazing variety of content created by international creators. Chris also shares MyndVR's vision and the response that MyndVR has received from users, reveals the details of his ongoing research.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Chris Brickler and his work improving the quality of life for senior citizens through VR technology at MyndVR.

  • What MyndVR is: an easy to use, safe platform allowing seniors to access content.

  • How they provide technology across the continuum of care, from independent living all the way to hospice care.

  • The studies which prove the efficacy of immersive technology to improve elder’s wellbeing.

  • Why he sees medicinal science and immersive reminiscent VR therapy working together.

  • What he observed MyndVR bringing to seniors during the confines caused by the pandemic.

  • How bringing happiness and laughter to folks in unfortunate situations is their goal.

  • MyndVR’s role in supporting the healing modality, rather than serving as a cure.

  • The connection to art, music, and nature that are often lost as we age that VR can restore.

  • Why older folks love VR: it’s a whole new medium they have never explored before.

  • Caregiver and family connections and how they are facilitated by MyndVR.

  • Recreating memories or co-creating new ones using virtual reality.

  • The work they do at veteran homes to recreate memories.

  • How they developed a home use product application.

  • What’s next: collaborating on the largest study ever done into VR and the elderly.

  • AT&T and Stanford’s involvement in research data.

  • Why ergonomics is so important for the older target market.

  • Long term goals: for MyndVR to become a staple in aging technology.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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