MyndVR and Omega Healthcare Delivering Virtual Reality Therapeutics in Senior Care

DALLAS, Feb. 28, 2022 -- MyndVR, the leading provider of Virtual Reality ("VR") solutions for senior care today announced a strategic partnership with Omega Healthcare Investors (NYSE: OHI).

As one of the largest REITs in senior care, Omega is committed to bringing technology and innovation to its expanding base of operators across the continuum of care in the US and UK. Omega will make MyndVR's industry-leading portfolio of senior-friendly, therapeutic VR experiences available to nearly 1000 senior living and skilled nursing facilities.

This 3-year partnership will offer Omega's valued operators access to MyndVR's vast network of immersive content, state-of-the-art VR headsets, and proprietary care tablets, as the exclusive VR partner of Omega with pricing promotions to all Omega operators. The MyndVR platform includes a bundled subscription plan with monthly content updates across a wide variety of reminiscence, music, art, nature-immersion, meditation, and cognitive programs to help seniors achieve their skilled therapeutic goals.

Taylor Pickett, Omega's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are excited to partner with MyndVR and align our concurrent missions of improving the lives of older adults. We look forward to helping senior care centers deploy this highly engaging and outcome-focused technology."

At a time when the entire senior living industry is looking for easy-to-administer, time-saving activities that enrich the daily lives of seniors, virtual reality has become a very affordable and highly researched therapeutic tool.

"We are deeply committed to providing VR-based therapeutic solutions that involve interactive content, sensory technology, and measurable outcomes," said Chris Brickler, CEO and co-founder of MyndVR. "We are thrilled to partner with Omega to expand our reach and scale in improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of seniors."

MyndVR serves several hundred senior communities across 45 states, Canada and Australia. Sodalis Senior Living has successfully rolled out MyndVR in 26 communities across Texas and Florida.

"At Sodalis, we have seen an immediate improvement in resident socialization after using MyndVR, as well as an increase in activity engagement with staff," said Traci Taylor-Roberts, President at Sodalis Senior Living. "It's exciting because VR represents a game-changing approach to delivering activities and therapies for our residents."

About Omega Healthcare Investors

Omega Healthcare Investors is a real estate investment trust that invests in the long-term healthcare industry, primarily in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Its portfolio of assets is operated by a diverse group of healthcare companies, predominantly in a triple-net lease structure. The assets span all regions within the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom. Learn more at

About MyndVR

MyndVR is the leading provider of Virtual Reality solutions for senior living communities, home health care agencies, Veteran homes, and individual adults aging in their own homes. The company has built a vast network of original and licensed therapeutic VR content. Their technology enables older adults to interact with the outside world in genuinely innovative ways that promote engagement, wellness, and above all, positive outcomes. MyndVR is committed to continued research and development to measure outcomes, including cognitive, visual, emotional, and physical effects on older adults. For more, visit 

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