Radiant Care Launches MyndVR’s Virtual Reality Program For Senior Living in Ontario

Radiant Care, a faith-based, charitable not-for-profit organization offering senior housing and care at two sites in the Niagara Region has unveiled a virtual reality program to engage seniors in meaningful and exciting experiences, helping them cope with social isolation, which has become even more critical and challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They will be the first senior living community in Ontario to offer MyndVR virtual reality solutions to their residents.

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Radiant Care partnered with MyndVR, the United States’ leading provider of virtual reality solutions for older adults,

to launch the program after testing the technology and finding that it helped to stimulate residents emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually by providing a variety of engaging immersive entertainment experiences from world travel to going on a safari, racing a car, scuba diving, and much more.

“We’re constantly searching for ways to enhance our resident and tenant experience,” said Tim Siemens, CEO at Radiant Care. “We are excited to have another tool at our disposal to help bring a sense of purpose and positivity to our residents and combat loneliness and depression brought on by the pandemic.”

Residents can use the technology to relive old memories, visit far-away places, or perform a wish-list featuring experiences such as sky-diving, visiting a national park, and more. They can even experience the first feature-length film in virtual reality: an immersive VR adaptation of the seven miracles of Jesus Christ based on the Gospel of John produced by HTC VIVE®, the premier virtual reality platform, and ecosystem.

“Our goal has always been to lift the quality of life and the spirits of senior citizens,” said Chris Brickler, MyndVR’s co-founder and CEO. “We’ve seen the kind of impact that our program has on seniors living in care communities in the U.S., and we’re excited to expand our offerings to Canada to share that impact, create those experiences, and empower seniors to learn, grow and engage their curiosity.”

The benefits of virtual reality extend beyond the residents and help meet the primary goal of Radiant Care: to be a leader in senior support services and to improve quality of life both for residents and their families. MyndVR offers a shared experience that can bridge the gap created by age and limited mobility, giving residents the chance to build a new future through amazing experiences, regardless of their physical and mental limitations.

About MyndVR

MyndVR is the leading provider of Virtual Reality solutions for senior living communities, home health care agencies, State and Federal Veteran homes, and directly to older adult consumers. Together with MyndVR Studios, the company has curated a vast library of original innovative VR content designed to create happy, calming, and memorable experiences that positively impact the lives of seniors, veterans, and other groups. The company’s technology enables older adults to interact with the world outside their homes, whether it’s their own home or a senior living community, in truly innovative ways that foster engagement, cognitive wellness, and above all, joy and happiness.

MyndVR is committed to conducting clinical trials in order to measure the therapeutic effect of VR. These trials will also measure the health care outcomes, including cognitive, visual, emotional, and physical effects on older adults. For more, visit http://www.myndvr.com.

About Radiant Care

Radiant Care is a private, not-for-profit organization committed to serving seniors with excellence, love, and dignity. They are committed to providing top-quality accommodations and care to senior citizens at their two locations in the Niagara Region: Radiant Care Pleasant Manor in Virgil and Radiant Care Tabor Manor in St. Catharines