Vaquero Energy gives back to local communities

A huge heart felt thank you goes out to Vaquero Energy, a local utility company for their philanthropic efforts in partnering with the MyndVR virtual reality program!

This amazing effort is providing senior living residents in California a chance to immerse themselves in fantasy travel and adventure scenarios with a 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings, such as a front row seat at a Broadway hit, driving a race car, and tours of famous cities such as Paris, Venice, and Egypt all from the comfort of home. “Residents have expressed happiness and excitement when getting to do things they love or check off items on their bucket list like traveling the world, going skydiving or swimming with dolphins,” CEO of MyndVR, Chris Brickler said.

The program will be provided to 10 senior living communities in Bakersfield, including 1,300 assisted living, memory care and hospice residents. Participant communities were selected by the hosting companies and will keep three headsets and tablets for 24 months.

“We are pleased to offer new adventures — or returns to favorite places — for those in our community who are unable to travel,” said Ken Hunter, president of Vaquero, who chose to deliver the program in his hometown. “Research is showing the enormous benefits VR can bring to the health and well-being of shut-ins, those dealing with memory loss, depression or other challenges, as well as to those who just can’t do some of the things they used to enjoy.”

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