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Let's get going!



Press and hold the Power Button until the Tablet turns on and wait for screen to load


Tap the MyndVR icon


Tap "Let's get started" and follow prompts



You are ready to share VR content on headset and tablet!


Tap the "Options" icon to watch Tutorial Video (recommended) or update Wi-Fi Settings


Tap the "Littlstar" icon to browse VR content

Tap the "Headset" icon to display the headset view at anytime 


Note: The headset view will be  lower quality on the tablet


Tap the search box to find videos based on subject keywords


Tap the "Reset View" or "Reset Headset Center" button if menu becomes offset or not viewable





1. Re-center button​​

  • Automatically resets to original perspective while in an immersive environment




1.  Power button

  • Hold down for at least 3 seconds to power on and off

2. Volume up/down

3. Screen

  • Touch-navigation

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200

  • Size: 10.1 inches (25.7 cm)

4. Micro USB charging port 






Pairing Multiple Headsets

Step One: Leaving the MyndVR UI and entering the MyndVR Home Screen systems setting.

To perform this procedure, you must swipe up from the very bottom of the screen to enable the visibility of 3 icons at the bottom of the screen:

Step Two: Accessing control icons

By tapping the icon on the right (the square icon) you will exit the MyndVR application and this action will bring you MyndVR home screen. Upon home screen entrance, tap the center of the control tablet screen five (5) times. A dialog box will appear asking for a password. The password will either be 6963 or 0000.

Step Three: Password entry, it will take you to the Admin Settings screen

When you enter the password, it will take you to this screen. Select system settings.

At the Android setting screen, select Connected Devices (Bluetooth).

This gives the admin the ability to connect multiple headsets. Be advised, you must clear all previous Bluetooth connectivity settings. Ensure that Bluetooth has forgotten any headsets that may have been previously connected but are not being used now. When pairing headset(s), each headset needs to be made discoverable.

Perform this function by selecting “Setting” on the headset. Next, select “make headset discoverable”. This will give you a dialog box asking to allow the headset to be discovered. Using gaze navigation in the headset, place the green navigation dot on the word “Allow”. Next tap the center button on the right side of the headset. The headset will now be discoverable for 120 seconds.

When you pair with the tablet, a dialog box on both the tablet and headset will appear asking to allow pairing. On the tablet tap the box that places a check mark in the allow box, and tap allow. On the headset place the green got on the box, tap middle button, then place green dot on the word “Allow” and tap middle button again.

When you have paired both headsets, exit the system setting screen by tapping the square dialog box at the bottom of the screen, then tap the icon. This will take you back to the MyndVR application.


Next, tap the options button and you will get a screen with a choice to reconnect headsets.


Tap the reconnect headsets option. The tablet will now pair with all the connected headsets.

If you tap the down arrow at the top ( next to the 97% in example picture ), you will receive a drop down showing you all the headsets connected and letting you choose which you want to view and control. In this example, you see MVP83 and MVP90 are connected.


Pairing Headset and Tablet

When you power up the tablet, it will go through a loading process and end up on this screen:

Some tablets will power up and display a screen presenting the “MyndCare” icon. Select the icon, and it will proceed to this screen.

Select “Lets Get Started”. It will go to a screen asking if the headset is on. Make sure the headset is on, and not asleep.

When you power the headset on, you will be presented this screen. Select “Focus here” using the eye based navigation.

That will present this screen. Using the eye based navigation, select settings.

When this screen appears, use eye based navigation to select “Make Discoverable”.

A dialog box will appear asking permission to make headset discoverable to nearby devices. Using your eyes, place the green circle on the word “Allow”. This screen will disappear and go back to the previous screen. You now have 120 seconds to complete the pairing process

Going back to the tablet press the "Next” box that acknowledges you have turned on the headset .

The tablet will start pairing with the headset. On the headset, a screen will appear asking to allow pairing. Approve this request first.

Using your eyes, place the green circle on the box and press the middle button on the right side of the headset. This will place a checkmark in the box. Using your eyes, place the green circle on the word “Pair” and press the middle button.

You will get the same dialog box on the tablet, use the touchscreen to check box, then select “Pair”.

You are now ready to view videos! You will only need to do this procedure the 1st time. From now on the headset and tablet will automatically pair when they are turned on.

Benefits of Using Wi-Fi Instead of Bluetooth 

MyndVR recommends connecting to Wi-Fi for the best tablet viewing experience, although remember that the headset video quality will always be superior to the tablet display. Connecting to Wi-Fi also allows for the video library to update with all the latest 360-degree VR video releases. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi at least once every three months to access newly released virtual reality experiences. 


Sanitize Headset After Every Use

The MyndVR headset is designed to be resistant to harboring bacteria and viruses and is easily disinfected by using 70% alcohol wipes. A few simple steps will keep everyone safe and enjoying VR! Cleaning will rid surface of dirt and might kill some bacteria, but a disinfectant will sterilize the area, which means it will kill living microbes. The CDC suggests using solutions based in chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or iodine, but they most strongly recommend alcohol-based products. If you need to clean the lenses, use a dab of alcohol on the lens cloth for best results.

  • Ensure that the headset has been sterilized before placing it on any user.


  • Disinfect any surface that can be touched. Take extra care on the face pad. 

  • Make sure to pay extra attention to the nose piece when disinfecting.


VR Mask

A virtual reality mask is a convenient way to keep headsets clean if a user is wearing cosmetics or has applied lotions or other substances to their face. Many find the cloth mask more comfortable against their skin than the foam bezel on the headset. These masks are readily available from sources such as Amazon. We recommend the YinQun disposable universal VR mask.  

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