Unity Developer

If you're looking for an opportunity to make the world a better place, please read on!


At Mynd VR, we're on a mission to provide therapeutic and entertaining virtual reality experiences that will help fight loneliness, depression, anxiety, and dementia for our aging population.


Our team consists of scientists, VR technologists, healthcare professionals, media producers, and fun people!


The company now operates in senior living communities across North America and now in the home; lifting spirits, improving quality of life, reliving cherished memories, and creating new ones. MyndVR is also at the forefront of research into Virtual Reality's health benefits for older adults and age-related conditions.

Job Summary:

We are currently seeking an energetic Unity Developer to join our team at MyndVR. You will be responsible for developing virtual reality mobile applications and more.


Responsibilities include:


  • Building and running Unity for Android

  • Installation of Unity Android Build Support platform module

  • Installation of Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Native Development Kit (NDK) to build and run any code on your Android devices




  • BS in Computer Science or related degree

  • Proficiency with the Unity Engine

    • Proficiency in C# Programming Language

    • Unity Android development

    • Ability to integrate 3rd party Unity apps into an Android environment, using standard Android functions such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, act in Unity applications.

    • Tablet and VR development experience

    • User Interface Design

  • Android Studio​

    • Competency with the Java Programming Language

    • For development of systems to communicate between Unity and Android.

    • Debugging applications on Android Devices.

  • Additional Skills

    • Game Development

    • User Experience Design

    • User Session Management

    • 3D Digital Art

      • Modeling, Rigging, Texturing


MyndVR is an Equal Opportunity Employer