Delivering the Power

of Virtual Reality to

Senior Living Communities

Lifting Spirits.  Combating Isolation.  Improving Lives.

Improving Quality of Life for Our Aging Population

MyndVR makes the whole world accessible again to seniors through our vast selection of immersive virtual reality content catered specifically for older adult audiences.

We are much more than an off-the-shelf VR headset.

Our engineers have crafted a customized system that entails quick and easy setup with immediate functionality. In just a few simple steps, you have access to our complete content library.


We enable senior living communities to interact with their residents in truly innovative ways that foster engagement, cognitive wellness, and - above all - joy and happiness!

A Special Note on Sanitizing Headsets:

Our headsets are designed to be easy to clean and hygienic for mass use. MyndVR provides training on how to properly sanitize each headset between uses by including both print instructions and video tutorials to show where it’s most important to clean and best materials to use for sanitization. MyndVR also includes alcohol wipes to ensure each care community has proper sanitizing material to get started.

Get your community engaged with MyndVR!


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MyndVR is the leading provider of Virtual Reality services to the booming population of older adults. Join us as we lift spirits, improve quality of life, relive cherished memories, and create new ones!

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