MyndVR is working with leading US universities and researchers to explore the potential cognitive health benefits of VR for our dynamic, aging population. Some of the topics and research that MyndVR is actively pursuing includes the benefits from VR on agitation and cognitive decline (Indiana University - Center for Aging), isolation/quality of life improvement (University of Pennsylvania), cognitive decline secondary to trauma (UPMC), cognitive affect/depression (Panola College), and the use of VR in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease (Florida Atlantic University).

Dr. Skip Rizzo (University of Southern California  - Director of Medical Virtual Reality) and Dr. Sandi Chapman - (Founder and Chief Director - Center for Brain Health - University of Texas at Dallas) are members of the

MyndVR advisory board.   Dr. Tariq Alfarra has joined the company as the Head of Medical Research.

The company is deeply committed to raising the national awareness around VR healthcare and the aging mind.   

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